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Winsor & Newton Clear Gesso - 474ml

Provides a flexible and stable ground for longer lasting paintings. It dries to give an excellent level of tooth and balanced absorbency suitable for acrylic, oil and alkyd painting.


Winsor & Newton Fixative Spray

A high quality fixative which provides protection against smudging to charcoal, pencil, pastel and chalk drawings.

Available in 150ml and 400ml


Winsor & Newton White Spirit - 75ml

A volatile, flammable diluent great for cleaning brushes. It is suitable for thinning oil colours.


Winsor & Newton Gloss Varnish - 75ml

A superior quality UV resistant artists’ gloss varnish removable with Artists’ White Spirit or Distilled Turpentine.


Reeves range of canvases

High quality Reeves canvases in a range of sizes.


Reeves Circular Palette

Useful palette for mixing watercolours. Also available as a flower shape.


Winsor & Newton Gum Arabic - 75ml

A pale coloured solution that increases the gloss and transparency of water colour. Thin with water.


Galeria Structural Gel - 250ml

Add to acrylic colour to create high peak retention. Smooth and flexible. Provides a gloss finish with good clarity.

Reeves Palette Knives

High quality range of painting and palette knives from Reeves.

This is just a small selection of what's available in store. Please visit to see our complete ranges.

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